A hybrid method for the solution of problems of bending of thin plates

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Ioakimidis, Nikolaos
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An extremely elementary hybrid method for the solution of the problem of thin plates (either finite or infinite with holes) under the action of bending moments and normal forces along the boundary of the plate is proposed. This method is based on the optical method of studying the deformed shape of the boundary of the plate (method of reflected light or `pseudocaustics') and, subsequently, on the application of elementary analytical techniques from the theory of complex variables. All quantities of interest (deflections, displacements, bending and torsional moments and shear stresses) are determined completely in the whole plate by the present hybrid method.
Thin plates, Bending, Hybrid methods, Optical methods, Pseudocaustics, Complex variables, Complex potentials, Cauchy formula, Deflections, Displacements, Bending forces, Bending moments, Torsional moments, Torque, Shear stresses