Analysis and design of a remote beehive surveillance and monitoring information system

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Σιακαμπέτη, Ιωάννα
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Human and Computer Interaction is now a new field in the academic world but provides humans with new technologies and solutions to their everyday problems. The aim of this dissertation is the creation of an application in a prototype form that will help beekeepers in their everyday activities. Someone can be a beekeeper as a professional or as an amateur but in both situations the activities that one has to do are many and complex. They must constantly have their attention to their beehives and the behavior of the bees. In order to do this they must be informed about the weather, the climatic conditions, the areas that are appropriate to put in their apiaries etc. This study starts with a literature review that concerns relevant bibliography and underlying technologies like Internet of Things, sensors and remote monitoring systems. Then, it continues with the methodological analysis that is based on the principles of the HCI field. It describes the methodological approach of the interview and observation, the reason for choosing mock-ups and the basic heuristics in the user centered design. The chapter 4 is the description of the final prototype while the evaluation process is presented in chapter 5. The thesis ends with the conclusion and proposal for future work in Chapter 6.
Human-computer Interaction, Internet of Things (IoT), Remote monitoring systems, Precision beekeeping