Étude de l’appropriation de modèles précurseurs par des enseignants pour une éducation scientifique en grande section d’école maternelle : le cas de la lumière et de l’ombre

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Αρναντωνάκη, Δανάη
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This thesis focuses on the way kindergarten teachers in France appropriate educational tools aiming at the construction of a precursor model of light and shadow under the prism of geometrical optics. We use an already conceived precursor model from previous studies and we wish to observe and analyze at which point teachers can appropriate this model to teach in class. A group of four volunteer teachers participating in this study, proposes a pedagogical scenario, meeting certain constraints related to the precursor model, that one member implements in his classroom. After analyzing his own practice, this teacher proposes a new scenario. Based on Chevallard's Anthropological Theory of Didactics, we construct a reference praxeology inspired by the precursor model, and the didactic praxeologies of the group and the teacher. We carry out a series of actions in order to identify elements of praxis and logos, and we identify if the teachers' praxeologies contain the elements of the precursor model. The analysis of the data shows that an appropriation of the model is possible under certain conditions. The group proposes a scenario that aligns with the content of the precursor model but the implementation in the classroom seems to disaccord with the principles of this model. However, our methodology leads the teacher to take a step back from his practice and to propose a scenario following the principles of the precursor model.
Precursor model, Anthropological theory of the didactic, Light, Teachers, Kindergarten, Shadow