Development of virtual reality (VR) graphical user interface for learning the human body

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Αλεξόπουλος, Δημήτριος
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In this thesis we created a virtual environment for the users and a graphical user interface. Based on this environment a user can see the different parts of the human body. The circulatory system, the muscles, the nervous system, and the rest of the elements that make up the human body will be able to advance the user. The users have full control over what they see. Using virtual reality (VR) the users can see the human body unfold before them. They can rotate, grab, zoom and examine the parts of the human body in detail. After the creation of the app an evaluation was performed. During this evaluation the factors that affect the presence in virtual environments were measured. Also, an SUS questionnaire was used to measure the system usability. In total, 21 participants took place in the evaluation and filled the questionnaire. They results are interested and showed that, users who had previous virtual experiences performed better in our virtual environment. Our app is placed in a good place in the system usability scale through the SUS questionnaire. After the evaluation and the results, we performed some changes in the app to make users have a better experience.
Virtual reality, Human body, Tecchology in education, Presence in VR games