Investigation of suitability of a commercial traffic simulator to simulate e-scooter's movement

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Στούμπου, Καλλιόπη

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The daily need for transport leads to new booming modes of micromobility, in a fast-evolving urban transport environment. E-scooters, considered as micro-vehicles, are flexible, fast, easy to use and fan at the same time, gaining more and more ground in urban transportation. This innovative travel mode meets the demand of many travelers. Due to their recent introduction to the micromobility forms, their movement has not been examined thoroughly or even integrated to the most common traffic simulators. This study investigates the suitability of AIMSUN to simulate e-scooter’s movement. E-scooter is integrated to AIMSUN as a new object by modifying the parameters of motorbike, mainly because of the lateral behavior they both have in common. The study area is a part of Rue de Rivoli in Paris and data collection came from video recording in 2019. In order to achieve camera calibration, used an Orto photo and some points of reference to find the correct measurement of the video. Moreover, an open source software exported the trajectories by vehicle type. Thus, results such as numerical as well as optimal ones focus on comparison of simulated and real e-scooter trajectories and both compared by means of an error minimization function.



e-Scooter, Trajectories, AIMSUN, Simulation