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Issued DateTitleAuthor(s)Level
14-Dec-2020The role of HDL metabolic pathways in the development of brown-like phenotype in bone marrow of miceΚαστρενοπούλου, Αφροδίτη ΓρηγορίαmasterThesis
17-Jul-2014The role of HLA-G in bone marrow transplantationΛαζανά, ΙωάνναΔιδακτορική Διατριβή
20-Jan-2016The role of music in user generated advertisingΠαπαδοπούλου, ΔώραΜεταπτυχιακή Εργασία
12-Jul-2018The role of the kinases of the nuclear factor -κB in malignant pleural mesotheliomaΣίμογλου, ΔημήτριοςΜεταπτυχιακή Εργασία
30-Oct-2018The study of the role of mast cells in malignant pleural effusionΓιάννου, ΑναστάσιοςΔιδακτορική Διατριβή
1-Aug-2018The thermodynamics of a black hole in equilibrium implies the breakdown of Einstein equations on a macroscopic near-horizon shellAnastopoulos, Charis; Savvidou, Ntina-
21-Mar-2018The usefulness of pivot points in initializing the genetic algorithm populationΓράψα, Θεοδούλα; Παπανικολάου, Αθανασία; Κωτσιαντής, Σωτήρης-
8-Oct-2020The water state changes in 5-6 years old children's thinking: the construction of a precursor modelKambouri-Danos, Maria; Ravanis, Konstantinos; Jameau, Alain; Boilevin, Jean-Marie-
6-Dec-2017Theoretical investigation of geotechnical seismic isolation of bridge piers on footings and pilesΚαρατζιά, ΠολυξένηΔιδακτορική Διατριβή
7-Jul-2015Theoretical study of nanocrystals and other functional nanostructures of silicon and alternative group - 14 elementsNiaz, ShanawerΔιδακτορική Διατριβή
7-May-2015Theory and molecular simulations of functional liquid crystalline dendrimers (LCDrs)Workineh, ZerihunΔιδακτορική Διατριβή
25-Mar-2020Thermal conduction in metals : mental representations in 5-6 years old children’s thinkingΚaliampos, George; Ravanis, Konstantinos-
1-Aug-2018Thermal conductivity of carbon nanoreinforced epoxy compositesΚωσταγιαννακοπούλου, Χριστίνα; Φιαμέγκου, Ελένη; Σωτηριάδης, Γιώργος; Κωστόπουλος, Βασίλης-
12-Oct-2019Thermomechanically coupled analysis and experimental investigation of morphing structures with shape memory alloy actuators operating under partial transformation with a focus on active load controlΚαρακαλάς, ΑνάργυροςΔιδακτορική Διατριβή
11-Jan-2010Three dimensional breast imaging using digital tomosynthesisΚαλημέρης, Φοίβος ΛουκιανόςΜεταπτυχιακή Εργασία
26-Jul-2016Three essays about the evolution and relation of SAARC countries’ agricultural productionAhammad, Shaikh MostakΔιδακτορική Διατριβή
9-Jul-2020Three-story, two-bay concrete frames with plain bars under cyclic lateral loadingPalios, Xenophon; Strepelias, Elias; Stathas, Nikolaos; Fardis, Michael; Bousias, Stathis; Chrysostomou, Christis; Kyriakides, Nikolas-
12-May-2017Time domain spectral finite element methods for the simulation of wave propagation in composite layered structures with active piezoelectric sensorsΡεκατσίνας, ΧριστόφοροςΔιδακτορική Διατριβή
2-Oct-2020Time to digital converters για ανίχνευση υψίσυχνων παλμών με έμφαση σε υλοποιήσεις σε επαναδιατασσόμενες διατάξεις τύπου AlteraΦουρκιώτη, ΙωάνναΔιπλωματική Εργασία
16-Jan-2020Tobacco carcinogen induced mouse lung adenocarcinoma cell lines as tools to identify novel lung cancer genesΚανελλάκης, ΝικόλαοςΔιδακτορική Διατριβή