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Title: Cross-tier interference management schemes in cognitive heterogeneous networks
Authors: Tzelatis, Ioannis
Berberidis, Kostas
Keywords: Interference management
Heterogeneous networks
Spectrum sharing
Cognitive radio
Keywords (translated): Διαχείριση παρεμβολών
Ετερογενή δίκτυα
Κοινή χρήση ραδιοφάσματος
Γνωσιακό ραδιόφωνο
Source: EURASIP Journal onWireless Communications and Networking
Abstract: To satisfy the ever-increasing data rate and service coverage demands, wireless communication networks evolve into heterogeneous networks (HetNets), where low-cost small base stations are embedded in conventional macrocells. Intercell interference emerges as the key capacity-limiting factor in such dense networks, restricting the reusability of spectral resources. Therefore, advanced interference mitigation techniques relying on multi-cell cooperation have attracted significant attention from the wireless industry and academia. This paper discusses interference management schemes for multi-tiered spectrum access in next-generation HetNets. A novel scheme based on full system cognition and base station cooperation is proposed as an enabler for high-capacity HetNets. In addition, practical implementation and operational challenges are investigated.
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