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Title: Data modelling and algorithms for symbiotic assembly operations
Authors: Αργυρού, Άγγελος
Keywords: Hybrid assembly
Resource description
Resource mapping
Keywords (translated): Αυτοματισμός
Γραμμές παραγωγής
Abstract: In modern assembly lines, humans and robots coexist and collaborate for the execution of complex tasks. The sequence and the assignment of tasks to suitable resources, constitute a technological challenge. For the collaboration of humans and robots, in a single assembly station, a common modelling language is required. This work examines the way that resource capabilities of both humans and robots could be described, by the same modeling language, including common attributes for the various types of resources. In the current work a two stage optimization system is presented which allocates resources into tasks based on the preferences of the operator. The tool was implemented as a java application and it has been tested in a pilot case stemming from the automotive industry.
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