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Title: A genre-based framework for constructing multimodal content for learning objects
Authors: Vorvilas, George
Karalis, Thanassis
Ravanis, Konstantinos
Keywords: Learning objects
Content objects
Multimodal genres
Rhetorical structure theory
Keywords (translated): Μαθησιακά αντικείμενα
Αντικείμενα περιεχομένου
Source: Asian Journal of Computer Science and Information Technology
Abstract: In the present article we propose a genre-based conceptual framework for designing content for learning objects. We review some content aggregation models in order to stress the lack of such an approach. We also consider learning objects as multimodal macrogenres. These macrogenres are constituted of content object assemblies. The successful and coherent aggregation of these content objects can be achieved through the recognition of potential rhetorical relations among them. Finally, adopting this framework, an author/teacher is supported with a repertoire of concepts that make him capable of affect and motivate students in particular ways through her intended learning materials.
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