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Title: High speed Internet and labor market outcomes in Europe
Authors: Κουρκουμέλη, Αθηνά
Keywords: Internet
Labor market outcomes
Keywords (translated): Διαδίκτυο
Αγορά εργασίας
Abstract: In this dissertation, we examine the impact of using high-speed Internet at home on labor market outcome in Europe. Our analysis adopts the standard framework in labor supply theory regarding households time allocation decisions and for empirical purposes we rely on recent empirical work regarding the positive relationship between new information technologies and labor market outcomes. Our analysis utilizes data at individual level drawn from the Eurobarometer surveys (2009-2014) . For estimation purposes we construct three models in order to investigate the impact of residential high speed adoption on labor force participation and employment. Firstly, we attempt to identify the determinants of household access using a wide set of demographic and geographic characteristics. Secondly, we examine whether labor force participation depends on high speed Internet use. The results indicate that females have a greater probability to enter the labor market if they have a high-speed Internet connection at home instead of narrowband. Lastly, we examine whether employment decisions affected from broadband Internet access. As expected, we identify a positive relationship between Internet use and employment.
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