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Title: Localization in nonlinear lattices and homoclinic dynamics
Other Titles: Εντοπισμένες ταλαντώσεις σε μη γραμμικά πλέγματα και ομοκλινική δυναμική
Authors: Bergamin, Jeroen Martijn
Issue Date: 2008-11-27T08:58:59Z
Keywords: Lattices
Homoclinic orbits
Keywords (translated): Ταλαντώσεις
Ομοκλινικές τροχιές
Abstract: In chapter 3 of this thesis, I discuss in some detail the historical development of energy localization, emphasizing the particular physical concepts which are important for the understanding of this phenomenon. Furthermore, I describe the mathematical concepts of a discrete breather and homoclinic orbits, which are intimately connected between them and constitute the main object of study of this dissertation.
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