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Title: Der Lichtbegriff bei 13-14-jährigen Schülern : eine didaktische Intervention angelehnt an dem Begriff der sozialen Markierung
Authors: Ravanis, Konstantinos
Daoutsali, Eleni
Nikolakopoulou, Katerina
Barke, Hans-Dieter
Keywords: Light
Students' representations
Social marking
Keywords (translated): Φως
Αναπαραστάσεις των μαθητών
Κοινωνική σήμανση
Source: Neue Didaktik
Abstract: This research project investigates the impact that social-teaching mediation has in conceptual change concerning the idea of light among grade 8 students in Greece. In order to challenge these misconceptions in this regard an intervention was realized with one of the two groups of 13-14 years old children. The experimental group participated in a teaching process which aimed to lead pupils to cognitive reconstruction based at the social marking concept of “light travel”; the control group followed traditional teaching methods based to the curriculum. In all tasks that were studied the difference between pre-test and post-test was significant: the experimental group was able to explain the light as an entity.
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