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Title: Compactifications of the Klebanov-Witten CFT and new AdS3 backgrounds
Authors: Bea, Yago
Edelstein, Jose
Itsios, Georgios
Kooner, Karta
Nunez, Carlos
Schofield, Daniel
Sierra-Garcia, J. Anibal
Keywords: AdS-CFT correspondence
Gauge-gravity correspondence
String duality
Source: Journal of high energy physics
Abstract: In this paper we find various new backgrounds in Type IIB, IIA and M-theory with an AdS 3-factor. The solutions are smooth and preserve small amounts of SUSY. These new backgrounds are found by application of non-Abelian T-duality (sometimes combined with T-duality) on the supergravity solution dual to the Klebanov-Witten CFT compactified to two dimensions. The field theory aspects encoded by these backgrounds are studied. We give a detailed account of conserved charges, central charges, entanglement entropy and Wilson loops. Further, we present a possible field theory interpretation for our backgrounds.
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