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Title: Long lived charginos in Natural SUSY?
Authors: Bomark, Nils-Erik
Kvellestad, Anders
Lola, Smaragda
Osland, Per
Raklev, Are
Keywords: Supersymmetry phenomenology
Keywords (translated): Υπερσυμμετρική φαινομενολογία
Source: Hight Energy Psycics
Abstract: Supersymmetric models with a small chargino-neutralino mass difference, and as a result metastable charginos, have been a popular topic of investigation in collider phenomenology. The possibility of a chargino lighter than the lightest neutralino has also been raised. Recently, the absence of any supersymmetric signal in the 8 TeV LHC data has led to significant interest in the so-called Natural SUSY models with light higgsinos. These models also have a naturally small chargino-neutralino mass difference. However, we show here that when relevant indirect constraints from results at the LHC and elsewhere are applied, this possibility is heavily constrained within the Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model (MSSM): massive metastable higgsinos are not a signature of Natural SUSY.
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