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Title: Classical impurities associated to high rank algebras
Authors: Δόικου, Αναστασία
Keywords: Non-linear Schrödinger
Lax pairs
Classical algebra
Keywords (translated): Κλασική άλγεβρα
Source: Nuclear physics B
Abstract: Classical integrable impurities associated with high rank () algebras are investigated. A particular prototype, i.e. the vector non-linear Schrödinger (NLS) model, is chosen as an example. A systematic construction of local integrals of motion as well as the time components of the corresponding Lax pairs is presented based on the underlying classical algebra. Suitable gluing conditions compatible with integrability are also extracted. The defect contribution is also examined in the case where non-trivial integrable conditions are implemented. It turns out that the integrable boundaries may drastically alter the bulk behavior, and in particular the defect contribution.
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