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Title: Cultural trails management and development
Authors: Gomez Buena, Jorge
Keywords: Cultural trails
Mobile devices
Cultural sites
Keywords (translated): Πολιτισμικά μονοπάτια
Κινητές συσκευές
Abstract: Subject of this dissertation that was the frame of an Erasmus mobility agreement, and was result of a study at the Laboratory of Interactive Technologies of the University of Patras, is the development of CulTrails application. This is a mobile device application to supprot definition and management of cultural trails. In recent years the use of mobile devices and technology has become essential when visiting a place of cultural heritage, since the users wish to receive advice on cultural places promptly, in situ. There is a dire need to connect the visitor with the cultural heritage of a city. One possible approach to providing cultural information on points of interest, is to give the user detailed information in the form of connected points, the trails, an assemple of the points he wishes to visit, and this should be provided in a timely and relevant manner. In this dissertation, we discuss an innovative solution to the problem of definition and management of cultural trails, in a form of a mobile application that allows the user to access and follow different trails. This application allows the user to organize the different routes thanks to the connection with a management system of cultural trails, which has been designed and developed in a previous thesis. A full lifecycle of designing, development and testing of cultural trails is presented in this dissertation.
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