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Title: Out of field spectra determination of Electa’s SL-18 Linac with MLC, for 6 and 15 MV, with Monte Carlo simulation
Other Titles: Monte Carlo μελέτη των εκτός πεδίου φασμάτων για δέσμες φωτονίων 6 και 15 MV με και χωρίς MLC
Authors: Τσιαμάς, Παναγιώτης
Issue Date: 2009-02-09T07:18:17Z
Keywords: Εξομοίωση
Εκτός πεδίου φάσματα
Keywords (translated): Monte Carlo
Out off field dose
Abstract: Σκοπός της παρούσας εργασίας είναι η μελέτη με την βοήθεια της τεχνικής Monte Carlo των φασμάτων εκτός πεδίου του γραμμικού επιταχυντή SL- 18 της ELEKTA. Η μελέτη έδειξε συσχέτιση μεταξύ δόσης και απόστασης από των άξονα της δέσμης.
Abstract (translated): The aim of this study was to investigate the energy spectrum outside the field limits of therapeutic high energy photon beams. Monte Carlo simulations were used in order to determine the dose and to confirm or to try to re-estimate the Energy correction factors used in off-field in-vivo dosimetry. The ELEKTA-SL18 medical accelerator was simulated for 6MV and 15MV, using the EGSnrc code. The simulation includes the regular jaws and the MLC. The output of each simulation was a square scoring plane at SSD 100cm. The energy spectrum, the mean energy, the energy fluence and other parameters were studied for annular areas centred on the Z axis, and for 1cm2 rectangular areas centred on both X and Y axis. These regions were selected every 1cm inside and outside the reference (10x10) cm2 field of the primary beam. The spectra and all the aforementioned parameters were found to be in relation to the position, and their comparison revealed differences, that exceeded the statistical error, between areas that had the same distance from the center but were located on different axes. These differences were more important for the lower energy (6MV), as the contribution from leakage radiation is relatively higher. Their comparison served to study the influence of the spectral differences on the measurements of this energy-dependent dosimetric system outside the treatment field. The ELEKTA SL-18 LINAC was simulated for photon beams of 6MV and 15MV with and without MLCs. The photon energies and the dose to the out-field areas close to treatment field are considerable and this should be taken into account when radiosensitive organs are close to the field limits. This could be more important to complicated IMRT treatments where the treatment time is altered.
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