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Issued DateTitleAuthor(s)Level
21-Oct-2020Generalized interval-based polynomial approximations to functions in applied mechanics by using the method of quantifier eliminationIoakimidis, Nikolaos-
15-Nov-2018Stress concentration factors: determination of ranges of values by the method of quantifier eliminationIoakimidis, Nikolaos-
28-Dec-2017Formulae for the exponential, the hyperbolic and the trigonometric functions in terms of the logarithmic functionIoakimidis, Nikolaos; Anastasselou, Eleni-
25-Jun-2020Quantifier-elimination-based interval computations in beam problems studied by using the approximate methods of finite differences and of finite elementsIoakimidis, Nikolaos-
11-Jan-2018Direct solution of plane elasticity problems by using the Muskhelishvili functional equation and computer algebra softwareIoakimidis, Nikolaos-
23-Jan-2018Numerical verification of equations in applied mechanics: comments on the inexpensive alternative to computer algebraIoakimidis, Nikolaos-
5-Apr-2018Application of the method of caustics to the experimental determination of the Poisson ratioIoakimidis, Nikolaos-
25-Jan-2018Symbolic computations for the approximate solution of singular integral equations: application to a crack problemIoakimidis, Nikolaos-
13-Feb-2018Locating inclusions of the same material in finite plane isotropic elastic media by using complex path-independent integralsIoakimidis, Nikolaos-
16-Jan-2018A new approach to the construction of some path-independent integrals about crack tipsIoakimidis, Nikolaos-