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Title: In vivo dosometry with diodes
Other Titles: In vivo δοσομετρία με διόδους
Authors: Τσαρδίκου, Γεωργία
Issue Date: 2009-02-17T09:00:39Z
Keywords: Dosimetry
TLDs (Thermoluminescence dosimeters)
Keywords (translated): Δοσομετρία
Abstract: -
Abstract (translated): The basic aim was to briefly present a method for implementing an effective IVD program i.e., a program which would produce the maximum results in the minimum time with the minimum effort. In this work the response of a commercially available diode dosimetry system was studied for two energy qualities, 6MV and 15 MV. Diodes were calibrated against ionization chambers. Signal stability post-irradiation, intrinsic precision, linearity of response with dose and dose decrease under the diode were studied. For each beam energy the response of the diode relative to the given dose as measured by an ionization chamber was evaluated. Diode was calibrated for every energy to give entrance dose, exit dose and eventually the midline dose. Entrance and exit correction factors for field size, tray, source to skin distance, angle and wedge were determined. It was found that diode response i.e. diode reading per cGy of given dose varies significantly with treatment beam set-up. Finally the effects of dose rate, temperature and accumulated dose on the diode’s response were studied.
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