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Title: Design of a robotic arm and its Zynq SoC based controller interfacing with a motion tracking visual sensor
Other Titles: Σχεδιασμός ρομποτικού και του ελεγκτή του, βασισμένο σε Zynq SoC και υλοποίηση διεπαφής με έναν οπτικό αισθητήρα παρακολούθησης κινήσεων
Authors: Τσαφάς, Νικόλαος
Keywords: Robotic arms
Systems on Chip (SoC)
Leap sensors
Keywords (translated): Ρομποτικοί βραχίονες
Συστήματα σε ολοκληρωμένα κυκλώματα
Αισθητήρες κίνησης
Abstract: The rapid evolution of smart assisted living operations in combination with the blooming of commercial robots, calls for the use of robotic based systems in every day life. Specifically, certain circumstances such as handling of critical, contagious virus outbreaks such as the recent Coronavirus epidemic can be benefited by an assisting mobile robot system controlled remotely, implementing measures like the isolation of patients from medical stuff. Within this context, the robotic-based solution to be employed needs to be easy to deploy, able to manufacture with low cost and operate with ease from non-trained personnel. Also, to address the needs of existing hospitals, traditional or smart ones, as well as the temporary risk management facilities stemming for example by quarantined cities, ease of integration in terms of size and infrastructure requirements is a must. In this work the design and implementation of a robotic chassis bearing an arm manipulator is presented addressing efficiently all these needs. Special attention has been given to the ease of teleoperation with minimal need for equipment and expertise, utilizing Leap Motion virtual reality sensor which outweighs Microsoft's Kinect capabilities. Furthermore, a reconfigurable hardware and software integrated system has been used to control the communication, algorithm processing and motion control utilizing Xilinx Zynq System on Chip.
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