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Title: Improving transportation safety using survey data
Other Titles: Βελτίωση της ασφάλειας των μεταφορών χρησιμοποιώντας δεδομένα έρευνας
Authors: Γιαννουλάκη, Μαρία
Keywords: Alcohol consumption
Drugs consumption
Logistic regression model
Keywords (translated): Κατανάλωση αλκοόλ
Χρήση ναρκωτικών
Abstract: A large increase of bicycle kilometers has been lately observed in France, as the French tend to a more convenient and low-cost mode of transport and the crisis of Covid-19 has led them to avoid crowded public transport. Young people in France is used to consuming alcohol (and narcotics at a lower frequency) during their outings. A survey conducted in France among 400 people. The results shown that 39% of the participants has cycled under the influence of alcohol and 30.5% has been involved in a cycle collision in the past. Among the results of the analysis was the typical distance. It was observed that the typical distance is significantly correlated with a cycle accident, as it indicates longer exposure to the risk. It is also indicated that the more someone is cycling the more vulnerable they are to an accident, and drug consumption is positively correlated with cycling under the influence of drugs. The present study serves as a window to an understanding of the process of the growing tendency of cycling kilometers in the region of France, where there is no appropriate measures, infrastructure and the proper legislation to integrate it in the existing state, and which factors affect cycling safety. The lack of cycling safety education regarding to alcohol and drug consumption and, the protection measures absence are principle factors to reconsider for the smooth transition to a new transport system that promotes sustainable, greener, and low-cost commuting.
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