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Title: Technical control of reliability of vehicles
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Authors: Papastamatiou, George
Mystakidis, Stylianos
Keywords: Vehicles
Technical control
Statistical analysis
Keywords (translated): Οχήματα
Στατιστική ανάλυση
Abstract: The object of this paper is the evaluation of the reliability of vehicles based on a results’ analysis of the technical control procedure between 1987 and 2000 in the Vehicles’ Technical Inspection Center (KTEO) of Patras. First, we present a short reference on the legislation concerning the technical inspection of Vehicles in Greece. Second, we analyze statistically the results of the technical control of reliability of all kind of vehicles, which have been inspected by KTEO of Patras. The aim was to determine the chronological evolution of the percentage of the inspected vehicles with serious technical problems. We also examine the frequency of appearance of serious reliability problems in every inspected system of the vehicle in order to predict the systems with the most reliability problems. In the end we present the findings of the statistical analysis along with some thoughts about the improvement of the technical inspection procedure of vehicles in cooperation with the University of Patras.
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