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dc.contributor.authorGeorgiou, Panosen
dc.contributor.authorPapadatou, Fiorien
dc.description.abstractThis report deals with the current status of Scholarly Communication and Open Access in Greece and in particular focuses on e-publications and related content available in digital format on the web. Greek scientific and research community has always been “productive” in terms of publications of all kinds of types and formats: articles, monographs, book chapters, conference papers etc. Even today most of this work is being published in “traditional” international journals, and only until the last years a small but considerable proportion of it, is driven towards OA journals while a smaller, but increasingly too, percentage is being published in Greek journals. Although this evolutionary process took quite a long time to shape, this report states that during the last years the progress concerning scholarly communication and Open Access in the digital environment is accelerated. Today 20 out of the 33 academic institutions in Greece operate an IR. 28 e-journals are being published, most of them OA, while another 32 tiles are being published in both print and electronic format, with complete or partial OA to their e-version and finally 40 digital journal archives are being operated mostly under an OA status. For all the progress of the last few years in OA publishing in Greece, there is still a long way to go in improving the provided services, the sustainability and preservation of the content and the cooperation of public and private sector. The small involvement of the private sector in these activities is due to the very small market and pilot projects and studies should be carried out in the future.en
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dc.titleScholarly Publishing & Open Access in Greece: 2009 Reporten
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