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Title: Developing methods for extending repository services to increase the accessibility of OA documents in Library and Information Science
Authors: De Robbio, Antonella
Mornati, Susanna
Peset, Fernanda
Subirats, Imma
Tsakonas, Giannis
Issue Date: 2011-09-28T06:36:52Z
Keywords: Ανοικτή Πρόσβαση
Θεματικά αποθετήρια
Επιστήμη της Πληροφόρησης
Keywords (translated): Open Access
subject repositories
Information Science
Event: LIBER 40th Annual Conference
Abstract: E-LIS is established, managed and maintained by an international team of librarians and information scientists. Currently it is the largest international repository in the LIS field featuring a collection of more than 11.500 full text OA documents. In the mid of 2010 the demand to revise certain facets of the E-LIS organization and operation became profound for several reasons. This revision was channeled through the seeking and structuring the appropriate synergies with experienced, as well as innovative organizations. The synergies cover a range of issues, from organizational to legal and then to technical issues. The outcomes of these synergies are expected to enhance service delivery and to increase the repository’s interoperability level. Strategically these synergies are expected to help E-LIS to safeguard its reliability and to continue growing steadily.
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