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Title: Super-resolution image reconstruction employing Kriging interpolation technique
Authors: Panagiotopoulou, Antigoni
Anastassopoulos, Vassilis
Issue Date: 2011-12-08
Keywords: Super-resolution
Subpixel shift
Kriging interpolation
Wiener filter
Event: 2007 IWSSIP & EC-SIPMCS
Abstract: In this paper a high-resolution (HR) image is reconstructed from a sequence of subpixel shifted, aliased low-resolution (LR) frames by means of a novel nonuniform interpolation super-resolution (SR) method. A gradient-based algorithm estimates the horizontal and vertical shifts for each frame. Then, the uniformly spaced sampling points of the HR image are produced by means of Kriging interpolation. Wiener filtering is employed to deal with the restoration problem. The novelty of the proposed nonuniform interpolation approach to SR image reconstruction lies in the employment of Kriging interpolation technique. Comparisons with the original image demonstrate the superiority of our method to a conventional nonuniform interpolation one of SR image reconstruction.
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