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Title: Blast response of aircraft structures
Authors: Κοτζακόλιος, Αθανάσιος
Issue Date: 2012-02-14
Keywords: Blast
Composite materials
Finite element analysis
Keywords (translated): Έκρηξη
Σύνθετα υλικά
Abstract: The scope of this project is the realization of composite and hybrid sub-aerostructures which exhibit superior blast performance compared to reference composite and hybrid substructures. The scope will be fulfilled with minimum weight penalty. Within the scope of this work is to provide a roadmap for the integration of explicit hardening measures for blast in future aerospace structural components. In the case of blast loading, the proposed methodology for achieving these aims involves vulnerability analysis of the composite and the hybrid substructures (scaled fuselage substructure). The vulnerability analysis will be based on numerical results, obtained by the systematic, analysis of the coupled blast / structural problem. The aims and objectives of the present project can be summarized as follows: • Development of numerical models and their correlation against experimental results. • Development of numerical tools for blast vulnerability analysis of composite and hybrid aeronautic structures • Blast vulnerability map of composite and hybrid scaled fuselage substructure for different charge locations • Explicit blast hardening strategies of composite and hybrid aerostructures by design and by novel materials
Abstract (translated): Σκοπός της εργασίας αυτής είναι η μελέτη αεροπορικών κατασκευών από σύνθετα υλικά όπου θα παρουσιάζουν βελτιωμένες ιδιότητες υπό συνθήκες έκρηξης σε σύγκριση με υπάρχουσες αντίστοιχες κατασκευές.Ο στόχος αυτός επετεύχθη με ελάχιστη προσθήκη βάρους. Μέσα στους στόχους της παρούσας διατριβής είναι να παρέχει μια μεθοδολογία για την προσθήκη μέσων προστασίας για τις μελλοντικές αεροπορικές κατασκευές.
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