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Title: Effect of dilipidization and deproteination protocols of bone on biological apatite
Authors: Kontoyannis, Christos
Orkoula, Malvina
Karampas, Ioannis
Issue Date: 2012-05-04
Keywords: Apatite
Bone deproteination
X-ray Diffraction
Bone crystallinity
Keywords (translated): Απατίτης
Αποπρωτεΐνωση οστού
Κρυστάλλωση οστού
Event: Πανελλήνιο Φαρμακευτικό Συνέδριο, 14ο
Abstract: Delipidization and deproteination methods are essential for the isolation of the mineral phase of bone, the biological apatite. In the present work, the effect of the above methods on the crystal size and crystallinity of bone mineral was studied. Ten bovine bones were subjected to these protocols and their crystal size and crystallinity were determined by X-ray Diffraction. In all cases, the delipidization protocol was found not to affect these parameters. On the other hand, deproteination method induces noteworthy changes. All the results statistically tested for their significance.
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