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Title: Biclustering based on association analysis
Authors: Βουτσινάς, Βασίλης
Issue Date: 2013-03-27
Keywords: Biclustering
Association rule mining
Data mining
High dimensionality
Keywords (translated): Ομαδοποίηση
Εξόρυξη δεδομένων
Abstract: Clustering has been applied in a wide variety of disciplines and has also been utilized in many scientific areas. Usually, clustering algorithms construct either clusters of rows or clusters of columns of the input data matrix. Biclustering is a methodology where biclusters are formed by both a subset of rows and a subset of columns, such that objects represented by the first are the most similar to each other when compared over the latter. In this paper, we introduce a new biclustering technique, based on association rule mining, which can support different well-known biclustering models proposed in the literature. Experimental tests demonstrate the accuracy and efficiency of the proposed technique with respect to well known related ones.
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