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Title: Design and implementation of a three axis digitally controlled traverse system for flow surveys in a drying chamber
Authors: Μπαρδάκας, Αχιλλέας
Χασιώτης, Βασίλειος
Τζεμπελίκος, Δημήτριος
Φίλιος, Ανδρόνικος
Issue Date: 2014-07-17
Keywords: Fluid flow measurement
Digital control
Motion control
Displacement control
Electromechanical devices
Keywords (translated): Ροή των ρευστών
Ψηφιακός έλεγχος
Έλεγχος κίνησης
Έλεγχος μετατόπισης
Source: International Journal of Engineering & Technology
Abstract: The current paper describes the design and development of a pc-controlled three axis traverse system that aims to serve extensive velocity and temperature measurements into the drying chamber of a laboratory scale convective dryer. The traversing gear design has been conducted based on the convective dryer’s specific experimental requirements and limitations. The fabricated traversing gear uses a trapezoidal lead screw-nut assembly supported by linear ball bearings, coupled with bipolar stepper motors for positioning in three dimensional spaces. A custom drive system solution was selected for achieving accurate motor control, paired with computer software developed using the LabVIEW® graphical programming environment. The functionality of the traversing system was experimentally verified by testing mechanical and electronic assemblies, but also by determining the per axis positioning error.
Abstract (translated): --
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