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Title: Design and implementation of an e-learning course using FORGE online environment for the development of a UDP server and a UDP client using socket programming in C
Authors: Khan, Fatima
Keywords: ForgeBox
Socket programming
Keywords (translated): Ηλεκτρονική μάθηση
Abstract: The world is digital and many of the currently things through out the globe is based on Codes. Talking generally, the our communications with the computers is governed by code. Whether we are dealing with game design, GPS for the directions etc. So it is important for the world to learn the language to do interact with the Computers. For this reason, e learning is the best way to distribute knowledge easily and rapidly. The thesis motto is similar and e-learning platform we have is ForgeBox. E-learning basically has several benefits: it will save your time, cost effective and you will learn it any time when you want. The point of interest in the thesis is e-learning platform. i.e. ForgeBox. Here a user can test his/her skills. Here you have opportunity to groom yourself. One can try some modified codes and when try to execute them, it may or may not be succeed. If not, then one should try to troubleshoot them and try again. By this one can understand it better. So it is open opportunity which gives a platform to compare and enhance your skills.
Abstract (translated): --
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