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Issued DateTitleAuthor(s)Level
10-Apr-2018Un modèle précurseur pour enseigner les changements d’état de l’eau. Cas d’élèves de 5 à 6 ans.Boilevin, Jean-Marie; Ravanis, Konstantinos; Jameau, Alain; Kambouri-Danos, Maria-
10-Apr-2018Vers un modèle précurseur de la lumière. Exemples à l’école maternelle et primaire.Arnantonaki, Danai; Boilevin, Jean-Marie; Ravanis, Konstantinos-
25-Mar-2020Thermal conduction in metals : mental representations in 5-6 years old children’s thinkingΚaliampos, George; Ravanis, Konstantinos-
7-Feb-2020How do we see when the light is not “enough”? Mental representations of pre-service preschool teachersAnthopoulou, Vasiliki; Ravanis, Konstantinos-
13-Oct-2019Mental representations of light propagation time for 10- and 14-year-old students : didactical perspectivesRavanis, Konstantinos-
9-Mar-2020The relationship dynamic between researchers and subjects in the biographical interview: a case study in a Greek UniversitySolomou, Anna; Asimaki, Anna; Tsiolis, Giorgos; Ravanis, Konstantinos-
21-Oct-2020Preschool children’s mental representations of cloudsFragkiadaki, Glykeria; Ravanis, Konstantinos-