Learning experience+ within 3D immersive worlds

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Lambropoulos, Niki
Mystakidis, Stylianos
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Learning experience by engaging learners in immersive worlds has been proved to accelerate the learning pace as well as enhance the actual learners' knowledge acquisition, construction of group meaning as well as skills and competencies. This is possible by 3D immersive worlds as they are representations of reality. Also, accelerating learning strategies exist in performance related targets and training such as sports; athletes accelerate and enhance their performance. In fact, studies reveal that learning can be accelerated and deepened in short crash workshops if specific systematic procedures, techniques and methodologies are in place. Based on such research, we accept the aforementioned results and we propose that such a crash course can be strategically and dynamically structured specifically for eLearning. Moreover, we propose an example of an Innovation Management crash eCourse implemented in the Second Life 3D virtual world so to provide technology enhanced learning by immersive learner experience, called Learning eXperience+ (LX+). This is possible by engaging the learners in a learning zone, called the zone of proximal flow also by combining different teaching and learning styles based on specific key elements for more personalised learning experience.
Virtual reality, Virtual worlds, Education, Collaboration, Social constructivism, E-learning, Project-based learning, Second life