Dielectric barrier discharge plasma reactor construction and characterization

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Σταυρογιαννόπουλος, Σταύρος

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The scope of this thesis was the detection, recognition and recording of electrical characteristics of the dielectric barrier discharge in order to define the effect of external parameters on plasma efficiency. The procedure that was used for the definition of these parameters, is synopsized in the construction of a special arrangement that allows the generation of dielectric barrier discharge as well as the recording of data in a computer environment, which will result in their subsequent easy and efficient analysis. In particular, the dielectric barrier discharge was studied at the frequency of 60Hz, in or-der to evaluate and classify the importance of external parameters in plasma production. A complete new method of analysis of the electrical data was developed, the types of interference were presented and eliminated, electrical signals were simulated, characteristic curves of voltage and current electric pulses were derived, the effect of electrodes’ distance was approached, the number and the density of streamers were calculated in relation to the ap-plied power, and the effect of external parameters were studied with respect to the electrical characteristic of the electric pulse. The developed methodology can be a guide for similar measurements in any frequency range, with simple changes to the configuration of the experiment. The generality of the methodology lies in the analytical recording of all individual steps, from the protection of personnel and equipment to all the stages of conducting measurements and analyzing the results.



Dielectric barriers, Discharge, Plasma, Streamers