An IoT edge-as-a-service (Eaas) distributed architecture & reference implementation

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Λαμτζίδης, Οδυσσέας
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Internet of Things (IoT) is an enabling technology for numerous domains worldwide, such as smart cities, manufacturing, logistics and critical infrastructure. On top of Internet of Things, the architectural paradigm shifts from cloud-centric to Edge-centric, offloading more and more functionality from the cloud to the Edge devices. Edge computing devices are transformed from simply aggregating data to performing data processing and decision making, accelerating the decentralization of the IoT domain. Given the considerable increase of the number of IoT devices and the size of the generated data, an increase of Edge devices with augmented functionality is expected. We propose an ”Edge as a service” scheme, where Edge devices will be able to procure unused resources and run services that are requested and consumed by IoT devices that belong to different stakeholders. In this work, we outline a high-level architecture of this scheme and give a reference implementation of a narrow part of the system, boasting high modularity and the extensive use of Open Source Technologies.
Distributed systems, Internet of Things, Sharing economy, Blockchain, Containers, Edge computing