Development of a system to access the earthquake damage potential for buildings : intensionmeter

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Laurentiu, Danciu
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An earthquake damage warning system –called Intensiometer- has been proposed as a low cost alternative to the widely used traditional earthquake warnbased system. The rapid evaluation of integrated circuits, sensor and microcontrollers technologies over the last decades, as well as the reducing price and size, would make possible the development of such a low cost earthquake damage warning system. The most important improvement of the proposed system is the insertion of a new ground motion parameter CAV5 - cumulative absolute velocity after application of 5 cm/ sec2 threshold acceleration. In the present study, based on the relationship ground motion-damage, CAV5 have been found to be suitable parameter to describe the damage potential of a ground motion. The damage warning system was developed to quantify and report the earthquake intensity, with the aim of an Engineering Intensity Scale (EIS). Engineering Intensity Scale has been constructed based on the relationship between CAV5 parameter and Modified Mercalli Intensity (MMI) scale and embedded into the damage warning device. The Intensiometer has been developed to analyze the three components of an earthquake record and to trigger only the event of a damaging earthquake, typically MMI VI or greater. The Intensiometer is not triggered by smaller, non-damaging earthquakes or other sources of vibration such as vehicles, and construction equipment. Two were the aims of this research study. One was to detect an appropriate ground motion parameter capable to describe the damage potential of a ground motion. The second one was to incorporate the selected parameter into a damage warning system to minimize the hazards of catastrophic ground motion. The benefits of developing a damage potential warning system are multiple, including site specific applications, building automation strategy, shut off gas and water valves damage, shut down industrial processes, lock/unlock electronic doors, control elevators, protect assets and supplies, as well as a low-cost single user approach, such as for a typical homeowner.
Earthquake, Intensiometer