Large scale deliberation : a comparison of visualization approaches

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Ζαγκότα, Αργυρή

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In today's globalized and interconnected world, with advanced digital technology to support discussions and forums, progress has yet to be made in visualization support technology for large-scale deliberation. At least, there is no widely adopted alternative to overpass the limitations of traditional forums. Visualizing deliberation on a large scale is a challenging task. Many ideas have been implemented and proposed, and this thesis collects and describes the most successful examples found in literature and practice. It distinguishes five main representation styles, including argument map, argument tree, outline view, columnar view, and linear view, and uses them as a vehicle to explore design affordances. Additionally, it identifies eight factors influencing scaling, including ontology, representation style, moderation, participation, assessment, evidence, usability, community features, and contacts a comparative assessment. The contribution of this study is a summary of key features that future designers of large-scale deliberation tools should consider.



Large scale deliberation, Argument mapping, Argumentation, Open government, Deliberation