A lexicological study of the linguistics terminology in Greek

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Καλαμίδα, Φωτεινή
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The present study aims at examining the adaptation of the English linguistics terminology into the Greek language. More specifically, in order to do this, after presenting the theoretical background regarding terminology, and especially linguistics terminology, its standardization and unification, a number of English linguistic terms are selected and discussed by consulting certain dictionaries so as to compare and contrast the translations of the terms into Greek; then, the translations are further examined by applying a set of evaluation criteria with ultimate aim to find and propose the best and most accurate translation of each term in Greek. Besides, the challenges and difficulties encountered when reviewing the translations of the terms are presented and finally, some general conclusions are drawn concerning the linguistics terminology in Greece.
Terminology, Linguistics terminology, Evaluation criteria, Terms, Standardization, Unification, Adaptation, Translation, Dictionaries