Design and simulation of hybrid production systems employing human robot collaboration - application in the bus assembly sector

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Καρπάνος, Αντώνης
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This Thesis aims to investigate the implementation of large parts manipulation robot, cutting-edge technology robots and human-robot collaboration schemes combined all together and applied in a theoretical case study. The case study regards a production line of modular roof modules of busses and aims to increase the shop floor flexibility in the stages of preassembly and assembly of large panels. At first, this Thesis presents the requirements for assembling large scale parts and explores current industry practices. Applied to the theoretical case study of a bus roof modules production assembly line, this Thesis then investigates the available technologies, including innovative robots, and explores the possibility of their implementation to the production line comparing them to existing production methods. At first, an analysis of the current production line is made. The current production line is categorized in several stages and each stage is analyzed and assessed based on several different factors. A new production line layout is then proposed, using new technologies. Based on the proposed layout and the needs of the proposed automation to be implemented in the production line, a State-of-the-Art study is conducted. This includes both State of Market research of the technologies proposed and a Research Paper Study that will draw information and available resources to be used in the layout proposed. A simulation of the proposed layout is then presented, using Delmia software. Taking information out of this program, as well as out of bibliography, an evaluation method with both quantitative and qualitive criteria is used to assess the performance of the suggested production system.
Automation, Cable robots, Cooperative robots, Large parts