An android app for real-time monitoring and analysis of electrodermal activity

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Πετράι, Ελισσαίος
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A device and an android application were developed for real time monitoring of electrodermal activity in order to assess the skin hydration. Using Electrodermal Activity (EDA), bioelectric attributes of the skin can be indicated, which are either passive or active. The preferred method for assessing skin hydration was based on impedance measurement. The human skin has a certain impedance or resistance; It can be easily described and simulated using a substitute electric circuit. The decision for measuring skin impedance for assessing skin moisture, was based on a number of reports which suggest that skin impedance provides a useful non-invasive method for assessing skin hydration. The device circuit for measuring skin impedance was designed after an extensive research in the literature and implemented in our laboratory. For monitoring the measurement values and for the portability of the device, an android application was developed and connected via Bluetooth Low Energy protocol to the device. Both the device and application are designed in a way that the user can customize them to their own needs. An experiment was carefully designed to test the device and apply it in real conditions for the intended use. The experiment included the indirect comparison of two commercially available moisturizers applied to volunteers using a specified protocol, as well as the real time assessment of skin hydration based on the measurement skin impedance values from our device. The results for our experiments were close to the expected ones. Both the device and application can be further improved, but even in their initial form (prototype), adhering to the protocol, they can bring valid results.
Bioengineering measurement methods, Skin impedance, Android application, Skin hydration, Bioimpedance, Biomedical engineering, Electrodermal activity, Moisturizers efficacy