L’écrit et l’activité notationnelle à l’enseignement de la physique : questions actuelles

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Ravanis, Konstantinos
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Over the past three decades, it was found that, on the one hand, research in physics education is developing in several directions, including the study of the representations of the students, the construction of knowledge, the problem solving and, on the other hand, how the research results and the theories affect the teaching of physics and the teacher training. In this framework, the production of different manuscripts, which always support the teaching, sometimes becomes object of research. The project that is presented here refers to some aspects of the approaches of these manuscripts and examines in particular the problem of the relationship between the results of the research and the teaching practices. It is also commented the need for orientation of the analysis of the activity of writing in the teaching of physics. The focus of the paper is based on three points: 1) the processing of texts, graphs, charts etc, 2) the question of the approach of the writings of the teachers of physics, 3) the analysis of the writing activity of students
Teachers’ education, Preschool education, Primary education