Uncovering themes and trends in HCI

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Μούλιας, Θεόδωρος

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This thesis aims to identify the trends in the field of Human Computer Interaction. In the context of this work, a python tool was developed which, through the search for keywords and the number of their occurrences, in publications of selected sessions per year, receives as input the pdf files with the publications of each conference that we wish to evaluate, processes them by isolating the words we are looking for and then records the number of their occurrences in each year for the conference we are looking at. The data from this processing are exported, for their better management, to an Excel and then with the help of SPSS we proceed to evaluate them and extract the results to identify trends that will concern us in the future years in the field of HCI or even topics that are on the decline in the industry and we won't need to waste resources investigating them.



Human-computer interaction, Trends