Interactions maître-élèves en cours d’activités scientifiques à l’école maternelle : approche comparative

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Dumas Carré, Andrée
Weil-Barais, Annick
Ravanis, Konstantinos
Shourcheh, Fataneh
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The study concerns the approach by children in kindergarten of the formation of shadows. Two groups of 5 years old children (in France and in Greece) have been observed. The given equipment is devised in order to allow the establishment of relationships between characteristics of the shadows (color, size, form) and some parameters of the concerned object and/or the configuration (figure of the object, color, orientation by respect of the light source, distance of the object from the light source). As in every educating situation, the children’s exploration of the equipment is guided by the teacher. The analysis objective is to examine how the teacher orients the children activities and to study the relationships that children are capable to establish. Different analysis have been driven. They are built on a preliminary analysis of the domain contents. These analysis are focused on children actions and verbalizations as well as on the teacher's interventions. Some of these interventions seem specific to the scientific education: to incite the children to drive actions in connection with a beforehand fixed purpose, to talk about their actions, to anticipate the possible results of the action, to clarify relationships. From this study, we propose a general model for analyzing educating interactions.
Preschool education, Scientific activities, Shadows