Correlation study of the main design parameters of air-vehicles with the generated noise

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Δημητρίου, Χρήστος

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In the modern aviation industry, the noise produced during the operation of a new aircraft or helicopter is considered an important factor in its design. In recent years, the strictness and requirement for compliance with international environmental regulations has increased, resulting in a greater emphasis on reducing the noise produced, but also on the comfort of passengers. We will analyze key aircraft design features to determine their effect on noise levels. This study uses data from aircraft in operation today to draw conclusions and mathematical formulas to guide the development of an initial design model incorporating aircraft noise considerations. Our research includes all types of civil aircraft, including both jets and helicopters. The findings of this research revealed a strong relationship between the noise produced by an aircraft and its fundamental design characteristics, including takeoff weight, engine thrust, fuselage, wing and tail dimensions, and size of engines, of landing gear and propellers for both helicopters and helicopters. In addition, an analysis was performed to determine the effect of these variables on noise sensitivity, identifying the most influential factors in each category and confirming the primary sources of noise for an aircraft. The major achievement of this work lies in the development of a design algorithm suitable for a range of aircraft and helicopter models. This algorithm allows the design of a new aircraft with an emphasis on achieving a specific noise level for the take off. This algorithm demonstrates significant efficiency and has the potential to assist the manufacturer in determining the initial, basic dimensions of the new aircraft. The algorithm provides results for a limited number of geometric features in some classes, but for civil jet aircraft, which must comply with stricter environmental regulations and become quieter, the algorithm efficiently extracts all dimensions of key parameters (fuselage, wing, caudal).



Aircraft, Noise, Correlations, Design