Mathematica-based formula verification in applied mechanics

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Ioakimidis, Nikolaos
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Mathematica is a modern and powerful computer algebra system offering all types of computational facilities (symbolic, numerical and graphical) to its user in an integrated environment. Therefore, it has been repeatedly used in mechanical engineering applications. In this paper, we will show that Mathematica can also be useful for formula verification (either logical or algebraic) by employing either its own internal commands or extensions of these commands such as Maeder’s Prolog interpreter in Mathematica and, recently, Buchberger’s Theorema, based also on Mathematica. External reasoning systems (such as OTTER) can also be called from Mathematica. The engineering applications of this paper are obtained from applied mechanics and illustrate these not so well known possibilities of Mathematica related to formula verification.
Applied mechanics, Formula verification, Logical computations, Symbolic computations, Mathematica