Remote and automated quality control in digital mammography

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Γκαραβέλα, Μαλαματή
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Early detection of breast cancer leads to remarkably high chances of survival. Therefore, the World Health Organization has defined two strategies to promote it - early diagnosis and screening. In both cases, digital mammography plays a crucial role as it is a highly effective method of detecting early-stage breast cancer. However, the number of mammography departments and the lack of appropriate testing equipment and staff qualified to perform quality control effectively led to the development of a remote and automated quality control programme by the International Atomic Energy Agency. This thesis aimed to evaluate the consistency of the homemade mammography phantom used for remote and automated quality control. To achieve that, we ensured that the materials used for the phantom's construction had the necessary properties for imaging. Having assembled ten identical mammography phantoms, we irradiated them under the same imaging system using the same exposure parameters. Comparing the results, we concluded that the mammography phantom shows consistency regarding the quantitative measurements we did.
Remote and automated quality control, Quality Control (QC), Digital mammography