Internet users consumers perceptions and ability towards potential purchasing and selling time sensitive products through world wide web, e-commerce at the region of Achaia, Greece

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Μανιατέλλης, Απόστολος
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Since the first time that internet was introduced to the world many things about it has changed. E-bay, Amazon, Facebook, Google, Ytube, Expedia are just a few examples that superimpose the obvious sense that almost all aspects of doing business has already emerged with or it is about to adopt the futures that the World Wide Web offers. Moreover now days with the use o Facebook, Jommla!, Drupal the use o internet come up to the level of users and as a result we have the increase of many Self Generated Brands. There is no doubt about it; the Internet and e- commerce has changed the way the world does business. The evolution in food commerce is inevitable. It started from the personal farming to local green grocers and Super Markets. It is a matter of time that internet will emerge with the food commerce. E-commerce and internet in general, however, is not a perfect system. The ambiguity of the Internet makes it easy for sites to appear credible, even when such credibility is not warranted. The Internet and e-commerce have the ability to revolutionize the world of agriculture, livestock, fishing , bakery etc . When everything runs smoothly, the system works great. However, what happens when the Achaia potato you bought turns out to be Egyptian? Or you find out the person you were chatting with lied about their yields? How exactly do you know you can trust the person or company that you are dealing with online? Not everything on the Internet is secure and not everything is credible. Furthermore it should be clearly stated to all of us that internet is not(yet) the one that produces ,delivers, consumes the products. It is just an audio visual mediator.
E-commerce, Time sensitive products, Argicultural products, Internet users concumers, World wide web, Food commerce