Sustainable development goals, emissions and sector’s performance

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Αυγέρος, Φώτιος
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This study examines the energy and environmental efficiency of various industry sectors using Data Envelopment Analysis model (DEA), to identify the extent to which industry sectors address the Sustainable Development Goals. It also investigates the direct relationship between energy environmental efficiency and CO2 emissions, which consequently has an effect on the goals. The findings indicate that there are considerable differences in efficiency scores and production technology between and within different industry sectors, which causes the majority of the sample to produce at levels that are much below ideal. Additionally, a regression model that was created showed a direct negative impact of efficiency on CO2 emissions. We have suggested that inefficient industries require cooperation within the Sectors, investment in production technology, and properly targeted tax regulations and penalties in order to maximize their contribution to the SDGs.
Στόχοι βιώσιμης ανάπτυξης, Οικονομικά μοντέλα ανάλυσης