Cultural trails. Management and development

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Encinas, Pablo Manso
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Since ancient times, humans have created routes and trails for several reasons, e.g. for commerce, pilgrimage, migration, etc. Nowadays, an important kind of trails is that related to culture. These are trails that connect the visitor with the heritage of a city, town or village. There is a need to provide people who use these trails with interesting and relevant information about them and this will should be supplied in a timely manner. In this dissertation, we discuss an innovative solution to the problem of supporting cultural trails visitors. A full lifecycle of designing, development and testing of a cultural trails management system is presented here. The concept of Cultural Trails is explored in a realistic setting and evaluated by typical users. Two software prototypes have been developed to achieve the objectives of this study. The first one is the back-end management system of cultural trails, which allows managing the information related to cultural trails. The second one is an app for supporting visitors of cultural trails, helping them to follow a trail and providing information about the points of interest to them.
Cultural trails, Cultural heritage