Distributed optimization with constraints and application to the energy dispatch problem

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Στραβομύτης, Λάμπρος

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One common way to solve any kind of problem is to decompose it into sub problems. These sub problems are easier to be solved and the superposition of their solutions is going to provide the solution to the original problem. This method can be applied successfully to the interconnected power systems which play a key role in human’s life since they generate, transmit and distribute electricity. It is commonly accepted nowadays that the traditional centralized approach of managing these systems faces a lot of difficulties and that’s why a more distributed path should be followed. Researches show that distributed methods of solving problems are very efficient and in many cases they provide better solutions to the same problems than the ones of centralized methods. One very common and key problem of the interconnected power systems is the Energy Dispatch Problem. The problem is to determine the best possible operation for the generation resources of the system in order to meet the load demand while minimizing the operational cost and complying with some constraints. In this thesis a distributed optimization algorithm with constraints which applies to the Energy Dispatch Problem for interconnected power systems is proposed. The algorithm is implemented to the Load Frequency Control Problem that has already been studied and solved but the Energy Dispatch Problem has not been integrated into it. So the algorithm is called upon to provide a new cost efficient solution.



Control, Distributed optimization, Energy dispatch problem