The impact of alternative digital touchpoints on the customer buying process

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Σκαρπάρης, Εμμανουήλ
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In both traditional and digital channels, the marketing function aims at devising and implementing appropriate strategies and tactics for each stage consumers go through when they are considering a purchase. In the digital environment, brands interact with consumers with use of digital touchpoints, the growing number of which hinders effective and efficient coordination of marketing activities. The present research aims at investigating consumers’ perceived reliance on alternative digital touchpoints throughout the consumer buying process, and examining the impact of personal characteristics and type of digital device used on consumer perceptions. Results from a non-probability sample of consumers showed that participants exhibit increased reliance on corporate websites, online stores, Instagram, web enquiries and YouTube during their buying journey. However, it appears that consumer reliance on digital touchpoints is affected by personal characteristics, such as gender and generation. Female consumers report increased reliance on Instagram to identify potential needs whereas males depend on YouTube during most stages of decision making. Lastly, consumers who belong in younger generations report greater reliance on digital touchpoints than older consumers. Overall, identification of differences in user preferences of digital touchpoints facilitates digital marketing planning and targeting of distinct segments with appropriate tactics. This project formed the basis for the creation of the article 'Consumer Reliance on Alternative Digital Touchpoints throughout the Buying Process' by Christos LIVAS, Emmanouil SKARPARIS and Apostolos SKOTIS which was published in Expert Journal, Volume 10 Issue 1, 2022 (Marketing.ExpertJournals. com).
Digital touchpoints, Consumers, Digital marketing